scratch [skrach]
[LME scracchen, prob. altered < scratten, to scratch, based on cracchen < or akin to MDu cratsen, to scratch < IE base * gred- > Alb gërüj, (I) scratch]
1. to mark, break, or cut the surface of slightly with something pointed or sharp
2. to tear or dig with the nails or claws
a) to rub or scrape lightly, as with the fingernails, to relieve itching, etc.
b) to chafe
4. to rub or scrape with a grating noise [to scratch a match on a wall]
5. to write or draw hurriedly or carelessly
6. to strike out or cancel (writing, etc.)
7. to gather or collect with difficulty; scrape (together or up)
8. Sports to withdraw (an entry) from a contest, specif. from a horse race
1. to use nails or claws in digging or wounding
2. to rub or scrape the skin lightly, as with the fingernails, to relieve itching, etc.
3. to manage to get by; scrape by
4. to make a harsh, scraping noise
5. to withdraw from a race or contest
6. in certain card games, to score no points
7. Billiards Pool to commit a scratch
1. the act of scratching
2. a mark or tear made in a surface by something sharp or rough
3. a wound, usually superficial, inflicted by nails, claws, or something pointed pulled across the skin, etc.
4. a slight grating or scraping sound
5. a hasty mark, as of a pen; scribble
6. the starting line of a race
7. in certain card games, a score of zero
8. Slang money
9. Billiards Pool
a) a shot that results in a penalty
b) a miss
10. Sports
a) the starting point or time of a contestant who receives no handicap
b) such a contestant
c) an entry withdrawn from a contest
1. used for hasty notes, preliminary or tentative figuring, etc. [scratch paper]
2. skillful enough to require no handicap or special allowance in a contest [a scratch golfer]
3. put together in haste and without much selection [a scratch team ]
4. Baseball designating a chance hit credited to a batter for a ball not hit sharply, but on which the batter reaches base safely
from scratch
1. from the start; from the very beginning
2. from nothing; without resources, advantage, etc.
scratch the surface
to do, consider, or affect something superficially
up to scratch
1. toeing the mark; ready to start a race, contest, etc.
2. Informal ready to meet difficulties, start on an enterprise, etc.
3. Informal up to standard; acceptable; good

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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